February Fog

by Fae Wiedenhoeft



This CD is the product of the RPM challenge that took place globally in February 2007. Within 10 days, this music was written & recorded.
It was quite a task! The Challenge actually gives the artist the month of February. I found out about it late & decided “what the heck!”
I hope you will enjoy my mad scientist experiments!


released February 28, 2007

all tracks written, performed, arranged, recorded & nurtured
by s. fae wiedenhoeft ©2007 all rights reserved. artwork by fae



all rights reserved


Fae Wiedenhoeft Seattle, Washington

With a velvet voice, a hearty laugh, & the traditions of the Celtic winds, Fae takes her listeners on a musical journey through history & tradition. She performs independently and with her bands SeaStar and Syren throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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Track Name: Bluebird
Bluebird – Fae Wiedenhoeft

Bluebird Fly
set me free and let me glide
take me home, this place I’ve known is overgrown
settle storms and let me roam

Bluebird Fly
chase the wind and the cold goodbye
the winter's breath, the raven's nest and fallen trees
shade my soul and chill my dreams

it hasn't rained in so long
and I’m wrapped in autumn leaves and winter's song
spring me, or spring me free
carry me to colourful mystery

Bluebird Fly
kiss my sorrows a sweet goodbye
change this hurt inside and let me lie where flowers grow
sing me songs and truths I know

Bluebird Fly
take me where my old self hides
the world's a blaze with hate and rage, it's sure to fall
my eyes feel old and my shoulders small

it hasn't rained in so long
and I’m wrapped in autumn leaves and winter's song
spring me, or spring me free
carry me to colourful mystery
Track Name: To Have and To Hold
the brightest of bright led her to a far and distant path
to a soul of one that shone like her's
their love was a lush a fairytale you'd heard as a child
her memories flowed out like verse

he was a poet in the darkest of the ways
he cut his wounds and watched them bleed
she was the one who found the pieces of his broken heart
and placed them back into one

stars in the blackness hold the wishes of their days long lush
how fondly the eyes adorn their light
here are the dreams of love and life unfolds far past the cold
here are the days to have and to hold

they raced through the garden laughing, loving filled the air
he smiled as she touched his fair face
she fell so silent as she looked into his eyes
and caught a memory of his past that he wouldn't erase

he had a lover in the days of his youth
but the love vanished and his heart fell cold
he lives in the past waiting, wanting for that love
he tried to make this new love like the one of old

stars in the blackness hold his wishes of their days long past
how sullen the eyes dart past their light
shattered are dreams of love and life unfolds into the cold
gone are the days to have and to hold

where ever she wandered life grew full and blossoms flared
but as she stepped away how the petals wept
she ran to the water, pain pulsing through her breast
for she could never be the one that he wouldn't forget

she breathed in the ocean as her tears set sail to sea
a storm of sadness o'er took the night
he wanders the shores a shell, haggard, cold and lost
searching for his true love, the one, the brightest of bright

stars in the blackness hold her wishes of their days long past
how sullen the eyes dart past their light
shattered are dreams of love and life unfolds into the cold
gone are the days to have and to hold
gone are the days to have and to hold
Track Name: Rain
Rain ~ Fae Wiedenhoeft

so many days and weeks pass by
and in my heart a secret lies
of one i'm afraid to tell
see i wait for you each day
for your smile to come my way
you make the flowers grow

and yet i hold this truth from you
and it makes me feel so blue
but the thought of not having you's too great
what if you don't feel the same
another heartbreak in this game
what if you take the sun away
i'll wait in the rain

we've had our share of mismatched loves
unanswered wishes from above
we've always wanted 'the one'
and when i look into your eyes
i see a love so free, alive
how can this moment be wrong

and in a world of endless dreams
what if this is not what it seems
what if you turn and walk away
what if fate has played a game
and our friendship's not the same
what if you feel the way i do
i'll be in the rain

so many conversation days
the nights of music, drink and play
you danced my spirit 'round
your laughter echoes in my heart
and in your touch i feel a spark
am i just imagining?

and the night would draw a close
and you'd kindly walk me home
and a tension 'tween us growing strong
when i just want to kiss your soul
look in your eyes and tell you all
that if you ever feel the same
i'll be in the rain
Track Name: Hawthorn Tree
The Hawthorn Tree
Music and lyrics by Fae Wiedenhoeft

along fair Arran's shores, the swans sing soft of tale of yore,
of a young love taken to sea

The two were hand in glove like sparrows bound in sacred love
a tune that only they can sing

a tree of unity they planted by the green eyed sea
the branch would hold their love through time

a sailor lad was he. He said, "don’t cry my lovely, Mhari
Before the moon is full I’ll return"

Please wait for me and she sang to him
I'll wait for thee

the moon shone full and bright and home he sailed mid-summers night. the tree so young and blossoming

they slept among the green. the world was light and dreams serene
the fires in their hearts burned bright

Where moss-grown boulders stand, he took her by the lily hand
and there they wed at break of day

the seas know not of hearts and once again the two must part.
"It wont be long, I swear to thee.
please wait for me." and she sang to him

The hawthorn's nearly grown. 3 years she walked shores alone,
she hears his whispers in the leaves

Home is the sailor lad. Home in the sea, forever plaid,
Under the wide and starry sky

Yes, I will wait for thee, by mountain, sea and hawthorn tree;
And on the wind you'll hear my love,

for at the fall of day, beneath the leaves where once we lay
I'll sit and sing I’ll wait for thee

come back to me....