Lost But Not Forgotten

by Fae Wiedenhoeft



...you may break my sails, you may make me row...
...i wont be lost in your undertow...
memories dancing in life like autumn leaves... Lost but never Forgotten
This CD is the product of the RPM challenge that took place
globally in February 2009. Within 28 days, this music was written & recorded. It was quite a task! The month was full of life-storms & sore throats... but at the end, the sun broke the clouds and the CD was completed. Hope that you will enjoy.


released February 28, 2009

all tracks written, performed, arranged, recorded & nurtured
by s. fae wiedenhoeft ©2009 all rights reserved. artwork by fae



all rights reserved


Fae Wiedenhoeft Seattle, Washington

With a velvet voice, a hearty laugh, & the traditions of the Celtic winds, Fae takes her listeners on a musical journey through history & tradition. She performs independently and with her bands SeaStar and Syren throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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Track Name: Lilac
on a rain swept morning down past the old bridge
i walked to the water where my memories lived
it sang the old songs that my younger days knew
and i saw old reflections of summer trees and you

bicycle rides laughter and chess
silly secrets and backyard picnics
we created new worlds out of clouds dressed as clowns
as we made our way round the town we were bound

and i think of the choice that we had to make
how the pain hurt so long i thought i would break
you said you thought that you'd hold me back
when forward with you was like rain on lilacs

i haven't been back to the town where we met
the thought crossed my mind though i feared the regret
to hear echoes of laughter and loving so sweet
where we spent summer months kissing soft with bare feet

do you think of the what ifs if i'd only stayed
would we be happy together or tired and frayed
would i still be that beauty that you'd use to see
when our days were so simple with soft grass and tall trees


so many years gone i'm happy and wed
at times the thoughts of you are hard to forget
i wonder if you are still sailing the sky
like the bird that you were, uncaged and free fly

at daybreak, it's true the time that i'd say
when the lilacs are sweet from the dew of the day
i swear that i catch the scent of your skin
when the summer was lush and we walked hand in hand


Like rain on Lilacs
You thought that you would hold me back
when forward with you was like rain on lilac