Colour Fade - EP

by Fae Wiedenhoeft



While living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I became very sad in winter. The area was very dry and brown and seemed to have all the colour drained from it. Captain made a little super8 movie to show me that there was colour all around and sometimes all one had to do is look. He wrote a poem to go with the film and I adapted the lyrics and added music.
I cannot express how thankful I am to him for showing me all the colours that never fade.

The other tunes are a bit melancholy. It is a winter album.


released December 18, 2006



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Fae Wiedenhoeft Seattle, Washington

With a velvet voice, a hearty laugh, & the traditions of the Celtic winds, Fae takes her listeners on a musical journey through history & tradition. She performs independently and with her bands SeaStar and Syren throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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Track Name: Colour Fade
Colour Fade - music by s. fae wiedenhoeft; lyrics by s. fae wiedenhoeft & captain chambers 2007

the little green unfurled and i planted a house
I gave it wind to fly into the green
tell stories i was told
so they may remember

my eyes became blue icicles of far sight
sight far removed borne stellar
the moon above to hold me tight
so dreams can breathe forever

ferns lie low, hiding from the taller ones
i gave birth to my comedy
open wide consume the ghosts of butterflies
and i drank from my tragedy

in the night, i write memoirs and i sell them in your ear
whispering tiding of another banquet
deep in the hollows of hall after after
under brick and red sky of day

in the thread womb of a vest pocket
the yellow swallowed by salvation
orange & green meet elsewhere in a datebook written by the mist
white shudders under strain of dusk

brown digs deeper reaching bird and sky
violet is handing out lullabies for those in need
the blue becomes a catwalk to the clouds
so dreams can be remembered
so dreams can be remembered.
Track Name: Morning Song
Morning ~ Fae Wiedenhoeft 27 march 2006 ~ dadgbe capo2

tangled dreams and strange mornings
laden with a stormy sky
hide don't find me
i'm just a shadow
of someone you left behind

the noisy streets and trains go by
i kiss the cold air off the lake
a million people flutter, multiply
yet i feel so alone
without escape

and in the play i was defined
as the lady dressed in white
i spoke the lines and
i held the crowd
but there's nothing colder
than a lone spotlight

this patterned life, this smoky room
is it all a masquerade?
this circled life,
round and round we dance
never hearing the music played

i look to you, you see through me
i fear i've nothing left
a sunset dream on this silver screen
it's closing night
on this tale of regret

who will i be in morning light
when the world goes away
who has the right to write my life
when my soul knows its path
its way
and my life holds out for a brighter day
Track Name: Chrysalis
Chrysalis - Fae Wiedenhoeft 6 Nov 1999

Time time escaping
Fingers hands tense and holding future
Looking for a tomorrow
In an endless mist of light

Growing soft, pliant like vines
Filling minds with every tear’s fallen glow
Crystallizing running trenches in the night
Of the ancient Father Oak

Stroking softly taking flight
Of fancy through the sky alive with hope
Yet never to forget their journey
Wrought with rust, silver and gold

And the chrysalis unfolds trembling in the morning sun
Wings still weak it begs its warmth
Come and wash the pain away take the past
Into vast recess of peace
Track Name: The Dub - live at Saffron May 2006
The Dub
may 2005 .. music by fae, words by fae & nick dub aka the suicidal starlings

I only see my eyes through others
I can’t believe the sky’s my only brother
Tryin to find my day to heaven
I see my whole life’s already been written

I thought I found my way to the beginning
Turns out that I had started with an ending
With nowhere else to go I stood quite still
I couldn’t move the strings of my free

The string is cut and finally I am loosed
Did god desert me or reveal the truth
I felt a hand upon my shoulder
Turned me around and saw my face was older

My eyes fell low and said it’s not the truth
Who robbed the days of laughter and youth
It seems the chains that held me down
Were never meant to keep my spirit bound