Far, Far Away

by Fae Wiedenhoeft



What is the RPM Challenge?

Write 10 new songs or 35 minutes of music, record it yourself, & make the CD artwork in the month of February,
the shortest month of the year!
In 2011, I took a year off from the RPM Challenge.
2012 marks my 5th year doing this epic challenge.
Within 29 days, this music was written & recorded.
What a month!
At times, I felt that I was running in circles. It’s funny how, in such a short span of time, days can be filled with the fog of past heartache, winter colds and sniffles, travels to here to there and back again.
As spring fingers stretch, dreams were waking, yawning.
Sometimes all we have is that dusty light peeking in the window.
Not every egg in this nest is golden.
This CD is a true reminder that
you are holding a record in time… and nothing more

Thanks for listening.


released February 29, 2012

all tracks written, performed, arranged, recorded & nurtured
by s. fae wiedenhoeft ©2012 all rights reserved. artwork by fae



all rights reserved


Fae Wiedenhoeft Seattle, Washington

With a velvet voice, a hearty laugh, & the traditions of the Celtic winds, Fae takes her listeners on a musical journey through history & tradition. She performs independently and with her bands SeaStar and Syren throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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Track Name: Selkie
Along the wild strand, by the old broken stones, near that keening sea
She wanders alone to those waters that call and the one that she used to be.
It's been awhile since she left her family and she swam so freely near the rocks
And that midsummer's air when she tore at her hair for something stolen,
something grand, something lost.

From the shore you can see a wee windswept house with a chime made of seashells and lies.
There are three children there whom she holds very dear for their mother's gone to the other side
And their father comes home like a terrible storm, the gale in his voice is so cold
And each and every day she dreams of a way she'll find her way back to the foam

Let the waters come and find me x3
And carry me on

And while he's away and his children play, she watches the seals swim free
Till one day the rains came and tucked her away in a small room where light's rarely seen
And there behind books was a cupboard locked strong. She used all the strength even known
And in the dark den was her own seal skin which she grabbed and ran back to the foam.


Later that day he sailed back home and as he tied up his fishing boat
He noticed no smoke coming up from the hearth and the children were out in the cold
He called out her name yelling curses the same; knowing well a silkie was she
And from the waters deep, she watched his defeat as she swam to the end of the sea.

Track Name: Set Me Free
The patterned clouds moved slow and free
as the summer sweetly breathed
and quietly you interweaved your fingers, heart, and dreams

you held me close then you pushed me far away
then you set sail to bring me home
you told me things would be as perfect as we dreamed
and then you left me all alone

I hear the echo in the shell that you gave me a long, long time ago
and in its voice a song we’d sing
And all the stars that we wished upon and all those plans that I counted on
Won’t you please Set me Free?

People talk and wonder where you’ve been
you’re so far away
I smile and say that you have your things and we’re okay and come what may

I spend my time flipping pages thinking back to see
if i had done you wrong
but i was there when no one seemed to care, a friend to share a laugh
and play another song


Sometimes a friendship has to end
Sometimes the vision quickly bends
Sometimes I stay and wait too long
Sometimes the pain floods back to me
Sometimes I live the reverie
when you and I were growing strong

Track Name: Viva la Vie Boheme or Fae's Gypsy Song
We met in a trainwreck of glitter
That gave the world a little kick
And we danced a tarantella, just as Moe sang a capella
And we packed it up and left the scene right quick

We moved through the streetlights of Paris
And sipped Absinthe along the Seine
And we heard a laughing fairy as we can-canned bold and merry
Then we roved just like the night would never end

Singing tales of summer
and the wonders of love
We’ll weave stories of beauty
and you’ll see them in the stars above

We slept in the sun in Barcelona
In fields plucked flowers for our hair
And I charmed a Spanish cutie and we tangoed like a fury
Until his wife came out and gave me quite the scare!

The life of a traveler's rather simple
Just know when to run or stay and play
For when the music is a flowing and the wine makes faces glowing
Oh the true Bohemian spirit is the way for...

We roved and we roved this wild world over
Singing songs from town to town is all we know
For this life is gypsy friendly, when you’re with us you are family
and your family is the place that you call home