The Branch Above

by Fae Wiedenhoeft



...little moments, little exhales that are not lost...
great laughter... great tears...
for those in my life who will never know how much their presence has lingered...
i thank you.for the good & the bad..
This CD is the product of the RPM challenge that took place
globally in February 2008. Within 29 days, this music was written & recorded. It was quite a task! Hope that you will enjoy.


released February 29, 2008

all tracks written, performed, arranged, recorded & nurtured
by s. fae wiedenhoeft ©2008 all rights reserved. artwork by fae



all rights reserved


Fae Wiedenhoeft Seattle, Washington

With a velvet voice, a hearty laugh, & the traditions of the Celtic winds, Fae takes her listeners on a musical journey through history & tradition. She performs independently and with her bands SeaStar and Syren throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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Track Name: Parksville
The tide is in and the mountains swim
Inside this twilight plight
From arbutus trees sing songs of little birds

Children laugh as the waves just crash
As this day sighs in to night
And this life is right wrapped in golden light

Seagulls glide as the seashells hide
To plan the games for days to come
Sand castles return under foot to be born

Kites fly high with the dragonflies
As the wind picks up so sweet
And this life is right, wrapped in golden light

And I wonder why the world can’t be at peace
Why cant we all dance like wild flowers in the breeze
And I wonder how we’ve forgotten such simple things
To stand caught in awe and fly on spirit wings

Sandy clothes and a freckled nose,
Flip-flop toes and dreams ignite
Lovers stroll, hands fold into one

Waves roll home, as the sky’s a dome
Pink and gold a sailors delight
And this life is right wrapped in golden light
Track Name: Friday Smiles
Afternoons and summer fleeting
Mossy trees and photo taking
Down to the rocks to hear the sea’s hello
Catching clouds and shadow stories
Sipping tea, watching harbour glories
We caught a boat beyond the blue, blue bridge
And the seasons changed
And the rains came in
We walked through the cemetery
To the top of the world to see the city dressed in fog
My heart on a string and my hope dangling
You made that world go away
A table for two and our Friday smiles.

Alleyways and trinket finding
Sharing sweets and pumpkin carving
We danced through the park dressed in autumn leaves
Dallas Road and puppies playing
Skipping stones, watercolour painting
We caught the sky ablaze in pink and gold
Spring taking wing and my dreams collapsing
You stole me from myself
We drift in the water in a kayak built for two
Nights of drinking and blossoms snowing
We found wisdom in the neon city
Down the street with a View and our Friday smiles.

La la la

313 across from my dwelling
That’s how our friendship began
A little corner shop and a common thread
You saved me some days when I got carried away
I guess that’s what good friends do
A table for two and our Friday smiles.

La la la la etc.
Track Name: Eclipse
restless sigh on this february night
mind ablaze about work and humdrum plight
lose the chain and slip into void
eclipse my weary mind

full moon following me by an by
looking down sayin woman, dont you cry
don't need a man to howl at the moon
to wake up early and leave too soon

dont'cha worry what tomorrow's gonna bring
roses blooming even though is not spring
thinkin too much no wisdom will you find
eclipse my weary mind

bills are paid but there little for anythin
shoes are old but i guess their broken in
dont need much more than a hello from a friend
eclipse my weary mind

from nine to five i'm workin for the man
from 5 to 9 i got the family to attend
dont leave much time for a woman to unwind
when the minds rushing all the time

dont'cha worry what tomorrow's gonna bring
roses blooming even though is not spring
thinkin too much no wisdom will you find
eclipse my weary mind
Track Name: Falling
blue wednesday and daisy smiles
watch patterns race the sky
skip stones and dream in wells
swing high and think to fly

a gypsy heart, you played your music well
you stole my smile for fast i fell
i looked to you like an angel sent
sparkling in light fall

winter storms of seaside pligh
knocked fast against the pane
dreams float in tea cup shells
when clover turns to green

driving in your car we passed the castles that had fallen
a look from you i knew the words unspoken
you were a drift, this love could not hold you
you needed stormy seas

forest sings kaleidoscopes
of elders that once stood
the love, the loss, the wheel turns
as stories etched in wood

the mossy sails from dreams that never felt the sea
dance in the wind and sing to me
you touched my hand as you walked away
you were a star falling.
Track Name: Vadalia
Just a love so sweet
That you make me weep
Just a want so true
That I come unglued and
Knock me off my feet

My dreams are tender soft
And in your skin I’m lost
You smell so sweet and pure
That my world’s a blur
My Sweet Vadalia

The summer’s passing by
For now it’s harvest time
We dance in leaves awhirl
Arms and fingers twirl
And our smiles sigh

To be with you again
Oh my harvest friend
Oh the sun may set
But I won’t forget
My Sweet Vadalia

Now I know, that love’s no simple thing
Sweetness fades and sometimes love can sting

Where ever I may roam
With you I will be home
Oh the scenes may change
But my heart remains
My Sweet Vadalia